About Us

III BY JAY sells stationery products with the aim to guide individuals to get in touch with their inner world and magic as they work towards achieving their goals. The healing journey is long - stopping to enjoy the present matters. CreatedΒ with the intention that whomever uses these products will feel excited about taking charge of their life and be mindful of the energy they are receiving and releasing into the world, those who feel inclined to live with dedication to their purpose and in abundance. As an avid fan of journalling, my hope is these products will be used in daily routines in an effort to remain present, positive and in gratitude.



Jay is the person behind III BY JAY. III BY JAY was created out of her love for journals and planners. Owning and using multiple planners and journals at a time herself getting to design and share her creations with the world is a dream come true. You can follow her on instagram and tiktok @ indieglowing.

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